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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale

These Terms and Conditions shall govern each product sales transaction between Environmental Global Solutions. (“Englosol”) and Buyer. Any inconsistent terms of Buyer, wherever set forth and whether oral or written, shall not be binding upon Englosol unless agreed to by Englosol in writing. No waiver of these Terms and Conditions or any special terms relating to this order shall be binding upon Englosol unless agreed to in writing by Englosol.

Origin Clause: If so indicated on the products or their packaging, some of these articles may be imported. The

requirements of 19 U.S.C. 1304 and 19 CFR part 134 provide that the articles and their containers must be

marked in a conspicuous place as legibly, indelibly, and permanently as the nature of the article or container will

permit, in such a manner as to indicate to an ultimate purchaser in the United States the English name of the

country of origin of the article. If Buyer is a distributor/reseller, Buyer must communicate the country of origin to

the ultimate consignee, and must mark any repackaging accordingly, as required by U.S. law.

ISPM − 15 Compliance: If this is an export shipment, any Solid Wood Packing Materials (SWPMs) herein have

been properly treated and marked in compliance with ISPM−15.

Transaction Terms: Incoterms 2010 Rules

Payment Terms: NET 30

Dates: Invoice dates represents the date of cargo pickup from Seller’s facility.

  • On Domestic Sales: Transfer both title and risk of loss shall occur upon pickup from seller’s site.
  • On International Sales: Transfer of both title and risk of loss shall occur upon entry into international waters,

international airspace, or the crossing of an international border, with the sole exception of banked transactions

(L/C, DAA, DAP) in which case the transfer of title occurs upon exchange of documents at the bank window, and

the transfer of risk of loss occurs upon entry into international water, international airspace, or the crossing of an

international border.

Marine Insurance: The party responsible for paying the main transportation shall provide full cargo insurance

coverage − defined as door−to−door, A cover, all risk, marine, war, strike and riot − regardless of the shipping

terms, with the exception of CFR/CPT Incoterms, in which insurance is the buyer’s responsibility. Therefore, on

E and F terms, plus CFR and CPT, the buyer shall provide full cargo insurance coverage, and on D terms, plus

CIF and CIP, the seller shall provide full cargo insurance coverage.

For destinations and/or cargo on which governmental or insurance restrictions require additional approvals

and/or premiums, or a split in coverage other than house−to−house, the responsible party/parties shall take

such additional measures to ensure that the shipment is appropriately covered.

U.S. Export Controls: If intended for export, all goods and technology are exported in accordance with the

Export Administration Regulations of the United States. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

FTA Qualification: This basic Invoice only declares the country of origin of these goods. It does not address the

Special Rules of Origin under any Free Trade Agreement. Such FTA qualification issues must be requested and

addressed separately.

Environmental Global Solutions, LLC is the USA exporter only, and is not the importer in any country other than the USA.