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Visit us at Seatrade + Englosol Cruise Line Industry Video

We are proud to be exhibiting at Seatrade 2019 at the Miami Beach Convention Center April 9th – 11th. Here is a video explaining how we service the Cruise Line Indu...

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Help ENGLOSOL get closer to winning up to $50,000 by voting for them in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

Englosol has entered Fedex’s Small Business Grant Contest. The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest recognizes and rewards unique small businesses with grants up to $...

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New Distributed Line: Elkay

We are glad to announce that we are now distributors of Elkay brand products. Elkay is most famously known for their drinking water fountains and has expanded their produ...

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2019 Marine Industry Trade Shows

We are proud to announce that we will be participating in 2 Marine/Cruise industry trade shows in 2019. We will use these opportunities to grow, and further connect with ...

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You need insurance for your water!

You buy insurance to protect your car and your home. Doesn’t your family deserve the same protection when it comes to your water? Today, more than ever, people are conc...

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Keep your pipes scale free! Save energy, time, and money using a Watts OneFlow system!

What is scale? Scale deposits are a typical indicator of hard water. Hard water is a common quality of water which contains dissolved compounds of calcium, magnesium, and...

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The Problem with Micro Plastics

We’ve all have been hearing the term microplastics popping up everywhere (even in our salt), but what exactly are they? Microplastics are small barely visible pieces of...

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Protecting Wastewater Treatment Equipment During Extreme Weather

With Hurricane Season Underway, Protecting Wastewater Treatment Equipment Becomes Even More Important Harsh Weather Patterns Hurricane season is well underway, we have al...

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In times of water shortages and droughts reusing wastewater is becoming more popular around the world.

When California began treating its wastewater to reuse for drinking water purposes in the mid 1970’s they were met with a lot of backlash from their residents. Peop...

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New look, new website, new location!

At ENGLOSOL, our clients are the main focus of our business. We take pride on servicing all of your water filtration needs. Just recently, we moved to a larger facility l...

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